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Finding the Right Service for Translation in Dubai

It is not difficult in today’s world to get translations done, as was the case a decade ago. Technology-based solutions, virtual working environments for individuals, online resources and the advent of translation services and companies have made translations very less troublesome.

A computer and an available internet connection sometimes even eliminates the need to consult experts and translators for general translations. Since so much content is readily available on the internet, it just takes a considerable amount of time to dig through it.

However unfortunate this might appear, even with all these available options for translation, common issues still persist when it comes to any form of translation, anywhere in the world. Accuracy, correctness as per the type of translation and cultural appropriateness are the most significant of these issues. For any kind of translation in Dubai, we look at some of the factors here which should decide your approach for getting the job done. 

Individuals contrasted with companies

Gone are the days when one has to meet an expert face-to-face to get his/her opinion on a matter. Internet, software and apps have replaced many a task which were being done telephonically earlier. Remember how we all used to enjoy the way we could explain our food choices and preferences for home delivery over the phone? But apps make us fall in love lately for this task. 

With mobile apps, we can be more elaborate, precise and no phone call is needed. However, this does not minimize the benefit of having an individual’s touch, getting personalized services or performing tasks after having a direct interaction with a professional.

Translation is one such area, where we often have a choice of getting things done using a computer-assisted program or engage a professional translation company or agency. When it comes to technical, legal, literary or other specialized forms of translations, it is often observed that people shift to professionals most of the time after failing in front of a computer.

Just as someone with literary knowledge cannot beat another person with experience, similarly computer-assisted programs, software and online services will be unable to get into contextual and cultural meanings, which an individual easily can. In a nutshell, don’t waste money, time and energies – choose a company, service, agency to do your specialized translations.

Does professionalism count?

Of course it does!! It would be extremely challenging to find a client who can wait for days to hear back from his/her service provider. Someone who can bear tardy action on the request for changes or alterations and who is fine with facing criticism over a service provider’s hands is a fictional breed.

In today’s world, where virtual working engagement is on the rise, professionalism stands out as a critical feature for a client to engage (or stick to) a particular service, product or company. From ease of communication to seamless delivery of the service or a product, professionalism must be counted at each stage for complete client satisfaction.

Most of the translation companies in Dubai have established a rapport for being proficient, skilled and ensuring excellent services to clients. By using your virtual presence and basic computer skills, you can easily see who you are going to engage with for a translation job and how much professional treatment you can expect from them. In short, don’t pay for an unbefitting treatment.

Costs for translation in Dubai

It is always good to save where you can, no one would argue on that. This is also true when it comes to translations. However, this is also a fact that quality comes with a price tag. If you are getting a claim of getting the best quality on cheapest of rates, then you would obviously take it with a pinch of salt in all your purchases – the same goes for translations.

The rates for translations are not universally defined; hence the range of financial input for any translation task would be greater than you would expect for any translation task. It varies from per word costing from some providers to per task lump-sum amounts.

However, you should give a slightly higher preference for the quality aspect of a translation when you are expected to get a legal or technical translation of any sort. Reasons are simple, you would rather invest a little extra than to be questioned or get into hot waters for a wrong interpretation of a legal translation.

For general translations, normal expertise can suffice and saving money on that is understandable. But make the right decision, and get support from technically sound professionals for your technical translations.

Context, culture and relevance

In most of the world’s common languages, there are a number of dialects that relate to a particular region. This is the very reason that translation companies engage native speakers and mostly individuals with bilingual expertise in their teams.

One can simply just not interpret one language into another in translations. Sentences are to be constructed to make sense to a reader or an audience that is not the native of another language. Word-to-word translation might sometimes work in general translations or when you are to just translate a corresponding email to another to get the gist of what is being communicated. However, in the case of technical or specialized translation tasks, you can not afford to make mistakes.

Most obvious example can come from the world of advertising. An advertisement and its wording might be getting a lot of traction and positive responses in one region or country; however, when translated plainly into another language, it can become a grim example of immoral marketing.

Language and its words are not just mere expressions or a way of communicating; they are always rooted in the very cultures. Its connections with inhabitants are represented through a language. Likewise, expressions and references to certain acts are mostly connected with the culture of a particular region. You cannot expect one expression to work in another. For translation in Dubai, only a professional or an expert translator would be able to find the most appropriate choice of words when interpreting from one language to another. Choose wisely!!


Translations can be done in a number of ways in today’s world. One can come across a number of choices for a translation job. It depends on the cost, urgency, ease of access and the algorithm of the search engine used to get the most suitable option according to one’s need. But, it is not as simple as it appears – a little extra care is needed to make a precise choice and engage with the right translation service. We have tried to decrypt some of the significant factors in this blog to help you make the right decision.