Common Possessions to Consider for Self-Storage

Whether you’re looking for short-term solutions to hold you through a move or you need a place to stash your stuff for school, you can store almost anything. Items you haven’t used in a while-but need to keep-are common candidates for storage, especially paperwork that you need to hang on to for a certain period of time. Read on to learn about some commonly stored items.

Home Possessions During a Move

If you’re looking for a temporary solution while you move from one home to another, much of your household items can be stored in a self-storage unit as long as they are packed well and protected. Always label fragile items, and take extra care with electronics so they aren’t exposed to humidity.

Large furniture, boxed items, and paper goods can all be stored at a self-storage facility until you’re ready to retrieve them. This can make your moving process easier as you settle into your new home. If you are ever unsure whether something is appropriate to pack and store, talk to the friendly staff at your local self-storage facility.

Self Storage San Jose
Self Storage San Jose

Sentimental Items While in College

Packing up for a move to the dorms can mean storing a lot of your childhood stuff. Depending on your plans after college, you may want to hang on to furniture and other items like books and files that can be boxed and stored easily.

Seasonal Items

Holiday decorations, ski equipment, camping gear, pool toys, and other items that are only used during certain parts of the year are all great candidates for self-storage. De-clutter your garage or basement by keeping rarely used items in a secure storage facility.

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