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Characteristics of LED Display Technology Applied In The Field of Intelligent Transportation

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It is generally believed that intelligent transportation systems are established on the road transportation infrastructure, urban public transportation, and road transportation systems, and integrate information collection, processing, integration and exchange, analysis and control, and * integration with the goal of information release , A transportation system that can achieve intelligent management. Improving LED traffic management, transportation efficiency, and traffic safety service levels should be the application goals of intelligent transportation system construction, and the realization of this goal will, to a certain extent, promote the transformation of traditional transportation industry to modern transportation service industry.

Among the related applications of LED display technology, public-facing road traffic information release display is one of the important application areas. Among the public-oriented traffic guidance information distribution methods, the common ways of displaying and publishing information in daily life include road traffic guidance screens, urban traffic guidance display screens, parking guidance screens, and road variable information signs. These different traffic guidance information release methods are displayed in real time according to the relevant traffic road management requirements and the actual situation of road traffic information.

Characteristics of Intelligent Transportation System

The intelligent transportation system is actually a road traffic information communication system. Its generation and development are based on other different new technologies such as system integration, electronics, communication, and information services. At present, it has penetrated and applied to aviation, water transportation, railway transportation, New transportation system in the field of urban traffic guidance, highways, subway rail transit. The construction of intelligent transportation system can not only improve the road network capacity and road traffic information service level, but also has broad application prospects in the field of environmental protection, promoting reduction of exhaust emissions and improving energy efficiency.

In the construction process of intelligent transportation system, the construction and application of intelligent transportation information service system is the main content of the development in the field of intelligent transportation. Designing and establishing an advanced transportation information service system facing the public is a due consideration of intelligent transportation system. Justice and development trends. For different types of transportation LED modules or different transportation areas, the intelligent traffic information services provided by the intelligent transportation system will have different focuses and differences.

The intelligent traffic information service system has many different traffic application fields, including not only variable information boards, variable speed limit signs, road traffic information service systems, etc. in highway applications, but also traffic guidance in urban transportation applications. System, traffic management information comprehensive service system, road traffic information external release system, etc.

In the practical application field of intelligent transportation, the release of real-time traffic information of cities or roads is the main manifestation of intelligent traffic information services, that is, the real-time release and display of traffic information through various information display devices, most of which are more common and common displays Devices, these display devices can include LED displays, LCD displays, DLP displays, etc. With the continuous development of embedded technology, the intelligent traffic information display system has developed into an integrated system with scalable functions, multimedia technology, and networked connections.

Features of LED display

Due to the continuous development and advancement of LED display technology, LED display equipment products have been widely used in the field of intelligent traffic information display, and have now become the mainstream display mode of modern traffic information display. In the field of intelligent traffic information display, the corresponding traffic information display equipment products are required to release and display the current actual road traffic information in real time according to the requirements of road traffic management and traffic guidance information. Among them, the LED display equipment products have the following characteristics in actual engineering application scenarios :

LED display has high brightness and reasonable viewing angle. The release of road traffic guidance information is mainly for road traffic participants. Generally, it is a driving vehicle, so the viewing angle of the display product is not high. Considering that in the case of direct sunlight on the front of the display, the display content of the display product should maintain a certain degree of clear visibility, so the display product is required to have higher brightness.

LED display products can work without interruption and adapt to different environmental conditions. Because traffic information induces LED display workplaces are generally outdoor conditions, the relevant external environment is more complex and variable, and the high and low temperature, rainfall, environmental humidity, air quality, and extreme weather conditions of the work site should be considered. It is required to ensure the stability and reliability of traffic information display to a large extent.

The LED display can be monitored remotely to achieve intelligent detection. Due to the usage requirements of actual scenarios, the installation positions of LED displays used to publish traffic information are usually distributed in a large area. In this scenario, the traffic management control center will generally be required to implement a single LED display product on site. Process monitoring. It is more convenient to carry out daily maintenance and environmental detection on the LED display screen by remote control, and also save resources.