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Can a Driving School Scheduling Software improve the quality of your services?

Improving your customer experience can be incredibly beneficial for your business when it comes to the long-run. When your customers love your services, they would recommend it to their friends and family, boosting your business without spending a single penny. But do you think achieving customer satisfaction is that easy? Well, it is not. You have to put major efforts into understanding what are the biggest problems your customers are facing. And for a driving school, it is scheduling a class. So, what will you do? Yes! you integrate driving school scheduling software UK into your traditional system and make it easy for your customers to schedule their classes. Here are somethings which are made easy with a driving school scheduling software:

Mobile optimised booking forms

A lot of driving school scheduling software UK come with mobile optimised booking forms that make it easy for your customer to easily book a class using their smartphones, tablets, or PC. 96% of people aged 18-29 in UK use smartphones and thus there is a large chance they will be using their smartphones to schedule a class with you.

Customized form designs

Many schools have their very own brand identity, if your want a customised form design for your booking forms, such as adding important fields, removing irrelevant fields, asking using a certain colour, adding a tagline it becomes easy. 

Differential Pricing for services

There are times when the business is kinda slow, you likely want to give a major discount to your customers to attract them. Or also, if you have a tightly packed schedule and you want to leverage it for your business, you can manage the pricing depending on the time of day your services are booked. Imagine doing it with an infallible driving school scheduling software and leaving behind those long calculations you had to do earlier.

Recurring or One-time driving lesson

Different people are looking forward to leveraging your services for different benefits, like someone with no driving experience can choose a recurring lesson or someone with significant experience can choose a one-time driving school scheduling software UK makes it very easy for you with the least scope of any mistakes.


Online payments have made the world a lot easier. People love to know to use online payment options to track their expenses, store it, and also see the complete breakdown on a computer-generated invoice. Also, at your end, it helps you go paperless and make the administration of money much easier. You don’t have to turn the pages of your book to find an unpaid account, it is just a tap away. And don’t forget how safe and secure it is.


Missed appointments and upcoming appointments management become highly difficult when you have to do it through calls. But when you have auto-generated SMS with all the needed details of appointment it becomes so much well-defined to your acute needs.

Adding Instructors

Using a highly customized driving school scheduling software the UK makes it very easy for you to add an unlimited number of instructors to your enterprise software and their hassle-free management.

Keep track

Using software makes tracking of your booking lessons, customer reviews, and any requested changes from your customer much easier. You can even get a well-defined note from your customers and instructors with a full report.