how to choose the right sportswear
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Points to Consider While Choosing a Right Sportswear

Choosing the right sportswear whilst still being fashionable should be easy, or so you would think.

When you start looking at sportswear here are some of the features you need to consider. Ventilation, warmth, stretch, maneuverability and ergonomic seams, it can be very daunting.

To simplify things for you, here are a few points to consider when choosing your outfit design to go running or exercising in public, after all you do not want any embarrassing moments on your first outing.


choosing a right sportswear fabric

Look for breath-ability, mesh panels and stretch Lycra fabric to reduce those ‘sweaty patches’ appearing where you don’t want them! Choosing the right sportswear fabric is also an important thing in which one can feel much comfortable.

Fashion Prints

Yes, I know you like the Aztec print with prime colors all over it. Always try on the item and make sure any print is not emphasizing a certain area or worse still see through due to the color/fabric being light.


Whilst there are lots of so-called sports uniform on the high street, sometimes the quality comes at a price. Although you are saving money, it could be that the fabric is so badly chemically treated or cheap. This could bring you out in a rash as soon as some friction is applied. You have been warned…


Whilst you would think most fabrics are washable, always check they can be machined. You will be wearing them regularly and getting hot and sweaty so they will need washing after each use. Quick dry is also an important area to consider, especially if you run daily and need a quick turnaround.


Always buy your sportswear according to the climate to which you will be using it in. No point in having thermal lined leggings if you only run in the summer! Sportswear should be very comfortable so that you can do your workout, yoga, exercise etc.

Wrapping Up!

Sportswear is the special clothing worn for playing sports. There are number of sportswear manufacturers Mumbai who educate us with how the manufacturing industry of sportswear work all over the world. The process starts with designing, printing, stitching and packaging.