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When I think of the entire Hand Organic baby clothing my mom knitted over the years for my nephews and nieces, friends and family. All the different colours and as the babies got bigger my mom made these funky kids clothes, with the Disney characters on, all great for the winter to wrap your kids in nice warm clothes.

Nowadays does Hand Organic baby clothing exist

Organic baby clothing
Organic baby clothing

Does this work nowadays; is it still a way to save getting inexpensive baby clothes hand knitted?

Most people can knit, if you can find inexpensive wool, in hyper or in factory shops around.

When I think of inexpensive baby clothes I tend to think of knitted booties and bonnets, you can get funky and knit in more trendy colours instead of the boring pink, blue or yellow, white. What about khaki, red or bright vibrant alive colours. I see this Danish site where grandmothers knit these funky outfits you can buy online.

In United Kingdom, find a Sunday market near you; I know the Muizenberg one always has stalls with knitted baby clothes and gear. See an earlier post on Love to Baby Shop in South Africa about the markets.

Most mothers love to knit something for their grandkids; generally not every generation is the same though.

More on Hand Organic baby clothing

For more on hand organic baby clothing see the clip above for links for patterns to knit these items. Or see these grandmothers in Denmark called that knit all these stunning funky baby clothes, you just have to translate on your browser window if you want to read it to order online. It’s a brilliant idea of this group of grandmothers that knit for this online shop, some wonderful Hand Organic baby clothing.