Long Term Caravan Parks Holidays before considering Onsite Cabins for Sale

When you are on a long term caravan parks holiday with your family, everyone thinks about how great it would be to buy their very own piece of paradise. You are typically in a relaxed mood, away from the stresses of work and this may make your mind a little clouded. Before you jump into such a large commitment, here are a few factors that’ll guide you before considering Onsite Cabins for Sale.

Try before you buy

There are a couple of options that may be available to you, a brand new Cabin, pre-loved Cabin or an empty site where you can place a Cabin. Best to experience the long term caravan parks first by renting a Cabin and getting a feel for the Park’s atmosphere. If you are able to, ask current Cabin owners about their experience, is Management easy to deal with? Do they keep the park in good condition and well maintained?

long term caravan parks
long term caravan parks


It’s important to make sure all the paperwork is in order and is understood by all parties. The owner of the Caravan or Holiday Park owns the land and the Park business that operates on that land. The Cabins and On site Caravans owners do not own the land underneath their dwellings and this can get confusing…To avoid legal issues  when considering onsite cabins, make sure all paperwork is reviewed by a yourself and a qualified solicitor.

Year Fees

Many long term caravan parks have onsite cabins ready for potential buyers to purchase. Do your research before moving into a caravan park. Don’t purchase an onsite cabin before doing research about the park requirements. There will be yearly maintenance fees and also may be obligations by Onsite Cabin owners to contribute funds if major repairs are required.

Purchase Contract

If you’re buying a pre-loved or a pre-owned onsite cabin it’s essential to check the terms and conditions included in the purchase agreement. Make sure the park management transfers all documents regarding ownership of the cabin. This will give you full control of your property knowing you’re the legally recognized owner of the on-site cabin. Avoid legal wrangles in future by getting proper documentation in regard to the transfer of ownership.

Think with your head not your heart

It’s important to consider all the factors rather than rushing in with your heart. Is your family going to enjoy coming to the same location each year for holidays? Hopefully its not exciting for only the first few months but then your family loses interest, and you need to continue paying the yearly fees. If not and your family loves it then It could be a fantastic option that saves you money over many years.

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