flat weave area rugs

Interior Design Tips: How to Complement Flat Weave Area Rugs

Flat weave area rugs are versatile accessories which can add a lot of character to all sorts of rooms. The use of animal skin rugs is no new thing; pelts from creatures have been popular for clothing garments as well as rugs for many centuries. The insulating properties and softness of animal fur mean that it is the ideal material to feel underfoot. Transitional area rug in particular are made in a variety of designs and consequently there are many different accompaniments which help you get the best out of them. Here is some inspiration:

Natural whole-hide models are the classic type of Transitional area rug. These look great on carpets as well as floorboards. Arguably the best way to enjoy these Transitional area rug is by having them near a nice log fire near an authentic leather sofa with real character like a Chesterfield. Many would argue that they look best on varnished floorboards. If you do have your cowhide rug near an open fire make sure you invest in a fireguard to protect you from accidental fire caused by embers.

flat weave area rugs
Transitional area rug

Printed and coloured Transitional area rug are also available if you want something a bit more eye catching. These go nicely with an eclectic range of ornaments as well as colourful pictures by artists and aesthetically pleasing photographs in frames. Reclaimed mirrors are also very good at adding character to a room and go well with Transitional area rug.

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