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Importance Of Intensive Driving Lessons

Driving lessons are extremely important for students who are eager to learn the art of driving and appear for their driving test. There are actually different ways of learning driving, as there are different types of driving lessons that are available for people to take up. One of the most effective ways of taking up the driving lesson is to opt for an intensive driving course program which takes only a week for the person to learn driving.

This program is termed intensive because of the amount of theory and practical lessons that go into each and every day of the program. Each and every day the participant will be loaded with more and more information regarding the driving techniques and the Australia Traffic rules that needs to be followed.

Driving Lessons

One of the major advantages of taking this intensive driving course is that the final driving exam actually happens the day after the 7-day course gets over. Due to this all the lessons that are taught during the one-week driving lessons will be fresh in the minds of the person taking up the driving lessons. There is very little chance of the candidate getting failed in the final exam.

There are also driving lessons that are spread over a period of 4 months. But these courses are not that effective, mainly because the person learning the course might not have the same interest that was evident in the first week of the program. The various intensive courses that are usually provided include a 45 hours course, 35 hours course for the novice, 25 Hours refresher course for the experienced driver and an advanced 20 hours course.

All these courses come with the facility of 1 trainer for every participant. But there are some courses where 2 or 3 people will be sharing the lessons from a single instructor. This usually happens when 2 or 3 people from a known circle opt to appear for the test.

During the course, the participants will be taught the various theoretical concepts such as the driving highway codes and hazard perception. The Highway Code test is usually 50 multiple choice questions and the hazard perception test contains a video, which the user has to respond to. The video will contain many challenging situations and the person appearing for the theory exam has to quickly respond to the various challenges portrayed in the video.

The theory test covers the overall awareness of the driver regarding the traffic rules and regulations, the effects of driving a car in a Queensland state and also the safety aspects of the vehicles.