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First Time To Hire A Moving Company In Calgary

I would like to share with you experience when moving to a new location last week. I was feeling very excited not because it was my first time to move but because I finally will be able to move to a new house where I can have a better environment. It is a rural area but not very far from the city so the air is fresher, quiet environment and most importantly, there is a space for gardening which is the best thing I really love.

It wasn’t my first time to move but was my first time to feel really stress when moving. I had been moving a lot many times due to change of work and residence but I realized that it was tiring. It didn’t know that sometimes it get really complicated. Just imagine the time you have to spend for packing and unpacking which is sometimes taking me 2 to 3 days before I can completely unpack all my things and place them to where they should be. Well, I didn’t feel all the stress on doing those things but this time, it was different. I really got busy with work and doing all those things is just too much time for me to spend.

First Time to Hire a Moving Company - Core Movers

I normally use the family van when I needed to move but this time, I had no choice but to hire a moving help in Calgary. Since it was my first time to hire a truck I didn’t imagine that there is more time you need to spend aside from packing your items. First, I don’t understand why I have to get a certification from the town council and pay for it.

It was not really a big money so I don’t mind paying for it but going to the city council and settling the requirements is too much time for a busy person like me. After listing down all the items to carry, we had settled the date and time of pick up so before that time came I cancelled works and another appointment for the day and rescheduled them.

Unfortunately, the moving company called and told me that the truck will not be able to make it at the agreed time. They asked for an apology but said they will surely make it at night. It was just fine for me because I had already cancelled all the appointments for the day and I have nothing else to do at night. But the point is, I guess it would be different if I search for more reliable moving companies Calgary which I am sure there is.

The staffs are also not very friendly. Since it was already late at night when the truck came, the staffs are like in a hurry and my things aren’t handled with care. They just almost slammed them in the garage and didn’t even ask where to put them. I was just alone and I told them to put my things inside if it is not too much to ask.

Moving and relocating can be tiring and stressful I believe and was hoping that that will be my last time. And I was also hoping that it will be my last time to deal with unreliable moving company. So I am giving you advice that just in case you will going to look for moving help in Calgary make sure to look thoroughly. Looking for feedback from the internet would be a big help and save you from stress.