Driving Instructor Brisbane

Taking driving lessons in Brisbane is not the simplest thing in the world. In fact, many learner drivers can get very apprehensive when they sit behind the wheel of a car for the first time. There are so many knobs and switches that it can all seem very confusing.

It follows that you need a driving instructor Brisbane, with whom you feel comfortable and whom you can trust. One advantage you have when taking driving lessons in Brisbane is that it isn’t like school. There, you simply get the teacher you are allocated. When you are looking for a driving instructor in Brisbane we believe you should have a choice.

Accordingly, at Yloo Driving School, we let you select your instructor from our expert and fully qualified team. This instructor will then stay with you for the whole of your driving instruction course. (The only exception to this might be if your instructor went sick, or was on holiday. If this should happen, we allocate you another driving instructor to take over temporarily so that your course of lessons is not interrupted).

Driving Instructor Brisbane

You can take a look at the profiles of all our instructors by clicking on the Meet Our Instructors link above.

Not only that, you are welcome to come along and have a chat with them before you make your final decision.

You should also know that all our instructors are fully qualified. You might wonder why we say that, because it would seem to be obvious. However, the fact is that some driving schools employ driving instructors who are not fully qualified. The system allows for some instructors to teach before they have passed their final exam. This way, they can gain experience before taking the exam.

However, at Yloo Driving School in Brisbane, we believe that you only deserve the best of the best, so we do not employ any driving instructors who are not fully qualified.

How do you know the difference? A fully qualified driving instructor is required to display a green certificate of competence in the windscreen of the car at all times when teaching. An instructor who has not passed the final exam and is still training must display a pink certificate.

Not only do we give you a choice of driving instructor, Brisbane, we also give you a choice of car in which to learn. Many driving schools are, in fact, one man (or woman) businesses. This means that the car that you learn in will be the only one that they have, so you have no choice.

Yloo Driving School will let you choose from our fleet of cars which includes, Ford Fiestas, Peugeot 308’s, Citroen DS3’s, Mini Coopers, Vauxhall Astras, and Vauxhall Corsas. So not only do you get your choice of driving instructor in Brisbane, you also get to choose the car that you learn in.

Another thing that your driving instructor in Brisbane will help you with is the theory test. Many driving schools do not do this, but we have a dedicated website to help you with the theory test, which also contains a link through to the Theory Test Pro website. This is completely free of charge to students taking driving lessons with us in Brisbane.