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Clay Pigeon Shooting Ground & Range Games

Laser Clay-Pigeon-Shooting is either organised as standalone event/occasion or with multiuser competition.


Clay pigeon shooting is gaining enormous popularity over the last few years. So, if you decide to plan this event for your group and you plan to shoot clay pigeons, you will not only be in a position to keep them involved by engaging them in various activities, but you will also be capable of motivating your team in the right way.

Shooting games and hunting give an impression of superiority to the players. If you choose to hold these kinds of games, you’ll be able to boost the morale of every person. Because the shooting competition that you organize will not be a game that kills and you will be sure of being pries by all.

Clay target shooting, also known as clay pigeon shooting was first introduced at the beginning of the 19th century. Although the sport was establish for centuries but it hasn’t been able to lose its popularity until modern day. With the huge appeal of this game numerous services offer full-service plans to play the game. This means it won’t be difficult for you to organize the game in the most efficient way.

A majority of these companies have websites of their own. If you’re looking to cut down your time, visit the websites of different falconry U.K services to determine which is the most effective.

If you’re planning a clay pigeon shooting with professionals or a group of acquaintances, make sure that you make the most effective investment of your funds. To locate a company that offers the highest price for your money, and organizes the whole process properly, spend some time to comparing prices and specifics of the service.

We provide a multitude of activities throughout the year for many different clients up-and-down the country. Then we tailor our unique and bespoke facilities specifically for that function: ex/military ceremonies, Xmas get-together, team-building exercises, family fun-days, weddings, Birthday parties, conferences (with delegate), and pretty much anything else!

Marked by quality and entertainment value, Laser Clay-Pigeon-Shooting was officially established in 1992. It continues increasing popularity and remains a successful/traditional sport to the present day.

Game Information

The game is extremely safe and can be play by all people of all ages, as long as you can hold a gun! We have 5 guns altogether (12 bore deactivated shotguns) weighing in at approx. 12 lbs. Powered by 4x AA batteries – Recommended for use by children no younger than teenage years (12 lbs is quite weighty) and any age above.

These games are accessible at any time, day-or-night; indoor-or-outdoor. We supply our own 500 watt floodlights for any occasion, however these are not battery operate and so a power source would be required. As well as we provide human escalado horse racing game.

We fire entirely harmless infrared beams of light at plastic reusable clay discs. Launched from a trap, they fly at speed and reach a great height/distance. The discs are pretty much unbreakable and completely recyclable. We record the electronic score sheet following your mark of resonating gunshots. All sounds and SFX are rechannelled via a sophisticated speaker system. This in turn alleviates and lessens the severity of loud bangs, so you don’t need ear-defenders.

Outdoor Specifications

All the game requires is approx. 45x30m area (Length x Width) of short grass. We also supply a mini-marquee and its respective bunting. There is also no limit to the max/min number of people; however, only 5 people can play at any one specific time. We also advise, that games are enjoy at the best when restrict to either 8, 10, or 12 clays. This means that each session will last no longer than 5 minutes.

There are lots of creative games we can play, that might include: right/left-handed birds, going-away bird, head-on-head, and over-the-top!

Indoor Specifications

We also have the option of doing the Indoor-Static-Shoot (8m x 6m) which is subject to client/venue having indoor facility.