Best Whey Protein

Whey protein has quickly become a staple part of any gym goers diet, whether the goal is to bulk up, slim down or maintain current size – whey protein can play a very important role. Finding the best whey protein is often a challenge, there’s literally hand best whey proteins (if not thousands) of flavored protein water to choose from and sadly, many of them are simply not worthy of your money.

Our aim at Ion-X is to provide independent buying advice on all whey protein products to ensure no money is wasted and everyone finds the best whey protein for their goals. We do this by providing expert articles written by award-winning personal trainers and offering reviews of popular whey protein products, with feedback from real users.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, we are confident this site will help you find the best whey protein as well as offering a range of muscle building help and advice to take you to the next level.


How Can I Find The Best Whey Protein?

The higher quality whey protein blends will have several consistent characteristics and you should always be on the lookout for them –

Quality Ingredients: If you’re serious about finding the best flavored protein water, the ingredients should be the first thing you look at. Closely examine the ingredient list to make sure the blend includes sufficient amounts of protein and doesn’t include any nasty fillers.

Also, make sure they haven’t gone overboard with sugars and sweeteners as this can really impair quality. You should be looking for supplements which contain as few ingredients as possible and if there’s anything in there you can’ t pronounce or don’t like the look of, trust your instincts.

Value for Money: The best whey protein blends sometimes come at a slightly higher price than others and if you’re serious about buying the best, you shouldn’t be put off if you have to pay a little bit more. That said, you can still buy the best whey protein blends at extremely reasonable prices whatever your goals are.

Effectiveness: Looking for the best whey protein blends will naturally lead you to read reviews on effectiveness. Take claims of effectiveness, or lack of, with a big pinch of salt. The effectiveness of a whey protein blend will significantly vary from person to person. There are far too many external contributing factors at work to accurately pinpoint whether any noticeable changes can be attributed to the flavored protein water. For example, the reviewer may not have eaten correctly or exercised in the proper manner.

If you’re interested in finding out which whey protein powder we consider to be the best, head over to our comprehensive review section where we have reviewed and graded some of the more popular blends.

If there’s a whey protein product we haven’t yet featured on the site and you would like to see reviewed, simply get in touch and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.