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Best CrossFit Gyms In Pittsburgh You Should Know About

Are you fed up with these love handles? Do you want to transform yourself? If yes, then read this post to know about the best CrossFit gyms in Pittsburgh. We’ve collected the info, reviews, and ratings of Top Gyms that can render your fitness journey. 

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CrossFit Pittsburgh

1. CrossFit Shadyside

First on our list is Shadyside in Pittsburgh, PA. It provides all the facilities that you need. You can get expert trainers and cardio sessions. The gym follows all the protocols for a safe environment. 

They are closed on Sundays and have different timings on weekdays. They have separate restrooms and street parking. You can get some special membership discounts, especially if you’re from the military. 

Training offered by them:

  • weight lifting
  • gymnastics
  • high-intensity cardio

2. Arsenal CrossFit 1812

On the second spot is Arsenal Strength. The gym is in Pittsburgh, PA. They are also closed on Sundays. But there is no parking lot for vehicles. One of the benefits of their membership is virtual training. You can get an online coach. It allows you to train online from your ambiance.  

3. CrossFit Pittsburgh

It is an interval training gym. The working hours differ on every other day. Sundays are off & on Saturday the duration is one hour. The parking space is good. The gym is spacious and has all the equipment. 

The gym was established in 2006 and is doing great since then. The coaches are experts in the field of fitness. You can join this gym to start the journey towards a healthier life. 

4. Pittsburgh Fit

The gym opened its gate in 2013. The owner is Jodi, and it is one of the best gyms. Their community is vast & they help each other to grow. They use vigorous workouts combined with aerobics, weight training, and gymnastics. 

The customized workout will be according to your need and ability. The gym trainers will help you to push your body and support your spirit. It keeps you athletic and in the best shape possible. They have certified coaches that will help you to make this journey hassle-free.

You can contact them directly to know more about the gym. 

5. CrossFit Pine Creek

It is a circuit training gym with the best trainers. They offer 1-on-1 sessions for a better result. In this pandemic time, they have limited group sessions. Their staff wears a mask, proper sanitization, and they offer a contactless payment option. 

Services offered by them:

Contact them to discover the fullest physical potential. We are also read for How to choose the best Gyms in Cumming GA?


These were some of the best gyms which can help you accomplish goals you didn’t think were possible. Try to know your goals and body type. Then you can take trials of the gyms to choose the best for yourself. 

Although the workout is essential, you can’t overlook the value of the diet. You’ll only get results if you’re following a proper diet plan. Your diet should have all the necessary nutrients like proteins, carbs, and micronutrients. 

With discipline and hard work, you can accomplish any goal.